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The amount of investors who do not create a written plan. Don't be one of them.

Gallup News, Use of Personal Financial Adviser Tied to Investor Confidence, 2017.

Why make a retirement plan?

Financial planning is about more than assets, investments, and net worth. It’s about what you want to do with your money and why. It’s about identifying your concerns, expectations, and goals – it’s about how you feel and what you want.

5 Reasons to Create a Retirement Plan

Focus on Goals

Focus on your goals in retirement and how you will pay for them.

Address Concerns

Address your concerns and expectations for retirement.

Identify Threats

Identify things that can pose a threat to your retirement and manage them.

Be Informed

Feel more educated, confident and in control of your financial future.

Transition Smoothly

Navigate the complexity of financially moving into retirement.

Retirement Planning FAQs

A retirement plan is an analysis of your current situation and taking your goals in order to calculate the probability that you will achieve those goals. In other words, is everything coming together for your success? Or do we need to change things to better your odds at retiring on your own terms?

Failure to plan is planning to fail! However corny this sentence is, it’s still true. As financial advisors, our team at JPS Newton helps you put a retirement plan in place. It allows us to have a more precise view of the Before and After of retirement.

A retirement plan is not a one-and-done event. It is a road map that should be used on a regular basis to assess if progress is made. It is an anchor point, a reference that we can use to help ensure we stay on course.

Retirement analysis requires teamwork and accurate information in order to render a result that we can trust and rely on.
The Process:
+ Collecting the data
+ Inputting the data
+ Refining and correcting
+ Adjusting current finances if necessary

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